Geometry and Topology Lab

Ki-Heon Yun (윤기헌/尹基憲)

Welcome to Geometry and Topology Lab at Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, South Korea. Our lab is focused on a classification problem of smooth and symplectic 4-manifolds.

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School of Mathematics, Statistics and Data Sciences
Sungshin Women’s University
2 Bomun-ro 34 Da-gil, Seongbuk-gu
Seoul 02844, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82-2-920-7534(Office)

FAX: +82-2-920-2046



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Publications and Abstracts

On the signature of a Lefschetz fibration coming from an involution

Multi-variable Alexander polynomial of a plat

Rational blow-downs and nonsymplectic 4-manifolds with one basic class

Twisted fiber sums of Fintushel-Stern’s knot surgery 4-manifolds

Nonisomorphic Lefschetz fibrations on a knot-surgered 4-manifold

Exotic smooth structures on \((2n+2l-1) \mathbf{CP}^2\sharp (2n+4l-1)\overline{\mathbf{CP}^2}\)

Lefschetz fibration structures on knot surgery 4-manifolds

Families of non-diffeomorphic 4-manifolds with the same Seiberg-Witten invariants

Monodromy groups on knot surgery 4-manifolds

Lefschetz fibrations on knot surgery 4-manifolds via Stallings twist

Minimal number of singular fibers in Lefschetz fibrations over the torus

Simply connected complex surfaces of general type with \(p_g=0\) and \(K^2=1,2\)

On dissolving knot surgery 4-manifolds under a \(\mathbf{CP}^2\)-connected sum

Book and Teaching


위상수학, 2018, 경문사(ISBN: 979-11-6073-182-8), 김영록 윤기헌 공저

미적분학 및 벡터해석 기초, 2020, 경문사, 심성아 윤기헌 공저

이공계 수학, 2020, 경문사, 심성아 윤기헌 조명원 이철우 백영빈 공저


Spring 2024: Combinatorics, Multivariable calculus, Topology 1, Topological Data Analysis

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